Our Mission

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Our Background

This iconic and majestic historic lighthouse has marked and continues to light the only entrance to New York Harbor, since 1898. After more than a century of government operation, Romer Shoal Light was auctioned through the General Services Administration and purchased in 2011 by a group of committed stewards, led by Chairman John Vincent Scalia. Like many others, John grew up watching this iconic lighthouse from his home in Staten Island. It was the first landmark his immigrant grandparents saw when approaching Ellis Island. This exposed at-sea Light and work Aid to Navigation has been in decline for decades and also suffered considerable damage at the hands of Hurricane Sandy.
He and the other Romer Keepers hope to restore the historic structure and make this treasure accessible to all. They also want to enable to United States Coast Guard to easily and safely complete their mission to maintain this crucial aid to navigation. Their vision extends to creating a land-based museum that houses awareness and education programs that call attention to the history and ecology of oft-overlooked Lower New York Harbor.
Many Thanks to our Grantors:

Sandy Disaster Relief Grants for Historic Properties

Funding provided by:
National Park Service, Department of the Interior
and Historic Preservation Office, Department of Environmental Protection
Administered by:
New Jersey Historic Trust, Department of Community Affairs
We are also grateful to our generous Partners!
Hurricane Sandy caused extensive damage in 2012. Your donation can help us restore Romer Shoal to working condition. Won’t you please donate today?
Help us… and we’ll take you out there.