FEMA Inspection Trip



On September 13 2013, Romer Shoal leadership and a FEMA team departed USCG Station Sandy Hook to inspect the Light and begin the process of assessing and quantifying the damage.   The FEMA team got a chance to see the significant damage the light sustained, firsthand.

We are grateful to the folks from FEMA for their continued interest and support. They are amazing group of committed people.

USCG Post-Sandy Inspection

On February 4th, 2013, Master Chief Jason Wiley and the good men of the United States Coast Guard Aids To Navigation (ATON) Team took us along on their first visit to Romer Shoal Light since Hurricane Sandy. Due to degradation to the breakwater and rock collapse into the boarding area, getting on to the light was deemed unsafe. Apparent structural damage, riprap collapse, access ladder collapse and rough seas cause the Coxswain to wave off any boarding attempt.

Hurricane Sandy Damage

Primary objective: Stabilization and Remediation. Return Romer Shoal Light to pre-Sandy condition.

Stabilization and Remediation Steps:

1. Temporary re-seal of structure
2. Expert Engineering Assessment
3. Boarding area/Safe access
4. Caisson/Foundation Stabilization
5. Breakwater reconstruction
6. Remediate exterior degradation