Emergency Basin Clearing

With the help of the amazing folks at Don Jon Marine, we had a very productive day beginning the clearing of the basin and re-stacking some jetty rock. This will allow Coast Guard and engineering personnel reasonably safe access, as they begin the long journey towards remediating the damaged caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Carpenters from Spruce Builders also made great progress temporarily sealing up first and second-floor windows and doors.

Interior Remediation

With storm tides rising up into the second floor and structural cracks allowing water into the upper floors, the interior the light took quite a beating.  All doors and windows were either completely destroyed or compromised.  The completely submerged first-floor was literally scrubbed clean. All the fixtures and interior structural panels on the second floor were washing machined inside the circular structure.

A crack team from Spruce Builders, of Chatham New Jersey, Worked hard to secure the light and keep out the elements. They temporarily sealed up the destroyed doors and windows, built temporary access platforms, and put protective sheeting down on rotted floors.

Recovery Work Begins

Restoring Access, Beginning the Remediation

The first order of business is to restore access to the Light to allow work teams and the United States Coast Guard to complete their missions.

With the help of New Jersey marine contractor Atlantic Subsea, the Romer Shoal team attempted to begin the difficult task of clearing out the Light’s boarding area and restacking jetty rock to provide wave protection. This was a challenging task given extreme site location and wave/weather conditions.